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Flashman and the Mountain of Light

Shirking the defence of the Indian frontier in the First Sikh War, Flashman opts for secret service in the court of a nymphomaniac Maharani who wears the legendary Koh-i-Noor diamond in her navel. Volume IX of the Flashman Papers. With the mighty Sikh army poised to invade India, every able-bodied man was needed to defend Britannia's frontier. When the Call of Duty came, Flashman had his answer ready: 'I'll drown in blood first!' Alas for poor Flashy there was no avoiding the terrors of secret service in the debauched and intrigue-ridden court of the Punjab, the attentions of its beautiful nymphomaniac Maharani, the horrors of its torture chambers, or the dread influence of the Mountain of Light.

Important places

Lahore (26)


Punjab (41)
Punjab (29)


Pakistan (299)
India (1,945)