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Giles Wemmbley Hogg Goes Off: The Complete Series 1

Meet Giles Wemmbley Hogg. 2m¿s, 2g¿s. Traveller, backpacker, ethnologist, fearless investigator of cultural diversity, connoisseur of all Eastern and Mystic philosophies and upper middle-class student ponce from Budleigh Salterton. In his gap year between school and University, Giles travels far and wide along the student trail from Beijing to Bolivia by way of Thailand and the North Pole. Each week, with his trusty portable DAT and his Charterhouse rugby shirt, Giles travels to far-off foreign lands, and records his adventures for the benefit of the Radio 4 listener. And each episode, he makes a thumping great prat of himself.

In the complete Series 1, his six adventures take him to such exotic locales as the Sudan, ("got free shoes from charming stall outside mosque"), Bolivia ("a bit like Birdworld in Farnham"), the Arctic ("I¿ve discovered that the Inuit have over 100 different words for idiot?) and Thailand ("am trying to find myself but have lost rucksack so spending most of my time looking for that").

The Complete Series 1 also includes the previously unreleased rare episode from China and the legendary bike ride to Moscow episode.

"Not since I first heard Alan (Partridge) have I felt so sure that I was in the presence of an immortal" - (The Sunday Telegraph.)

"Consistently funny and elegantly produced" - (Mail On Sunday)

"Hilarious spoof" - (Time Out)


Beijing (301)


Sudan (185)
Russian Federation (1,681)
Thailand (518)
Bolivia (115)
China (2,041)

Other geographical areas

North China Plain (203)
Eastern Asia (2,196)