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The Father Ananda Mysteries

For the past seven months, every full moon night has brought eerie sightings of ghostly heads bobbing on the surface of the sea. An excited throng of people are gathering each month to witness the grisly spectacle at Wat Phloi, a tiny monastery on the coast of Chanthaburi province in Central Thailand.

Father Ananda, an urban monk and former police officer, is summoned from his Bangkok temple to investigate. His search for an explanation is complicated and severely threatened by the escalating polarization within the community around the destruction of the mangroves by fishing trawlers. Are the ghostly heads a divine warning or a desperate plea for help by environmentalists trying to stop the destruction of their traditional fishing grounds?

As always, Jak, the former temple boy, now a novice, accompanies Father Ananda on his intrepid investigations in this third episode of the Father Ananda mystery series.

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