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Kamoro Art: Tradition and Innovation in a New Guinea Culture

This book celebrates the long neglected art of the Kamoro, a people living along the southwest coast of Papua. Traditional Kamoro culture was characterized by an almost uninterrupted series of feasts and ceremonies. Some of these feasts are still celebrated today. Woodcarvings made in a distinct style play an essential part in the proceedings.

For the first time, a selection of major pieces from the collection of the Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde, augmented by rare objects from other museums in The Netherlands, has been brought together. Many of the objects, some collected as early as 1828, are unique. Recently collected woodcarvings show the versatility of the Kamoro in continuing the tradition while adding innovation changes to their repertoire.

This book, edited by Dirk Smidt, includes a substantial essay by Jan Pouwer on major ceremonial feasts, and contributions by other experts in the field, including Todd Harple, Karen Jacobs, Methodius Mamapuku, and Hein A. van der Schoot.

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