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Honky tonk : the complete trilogy

Travel the long and sometimes difficult road Hunter Westmore and Ethan Kerr take on their journey from lonely men to getting ready to walk down the aisle. This complete trilogy contains Honky Tonk, Honky Tonk 2: Coastal Cowboys and Honky Tonk 3: Wedding Bells and Bullets, the three books that tell the tale of this beloved and endearing couple.
They come up against so much on their path to fulfill their dreams of becoming one, but with the help of friends, loved ones and sensual and kinky sessions of BDSM they get through it all with more love than they knew was possible. Take their journey with them and save 4.99 off of the individual price of the books!
Warning these books contain scenes of BDSM and gay sex. No one under 18 please.


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