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Tainted Tokay

“A terrific series.” —New York Times bestseller William Martin
The gold standard in mysteries that dovetail travel, cuisine, and wine.

In between enjoying sumptuous food and wine, the Winemaker Detective grapples with deceit and deception in Old World Europe. France’s top wine expert Benjamin Cooker sets off to enjoy the delights of Vienna, a romantic ride down the Danube, a gourmand’s visit to Budapest, and a luxury train through the enchanting Hungarian countryside. All too soon, stolen wallets, disappearing passports, guides who are a bit too obliging, and murder mar the trip. Meanwhile, in Bordeaux, Cooker’s assistant handsome Virgile faces an annoying rival and a mildew crisis in the vineyards just as Cooker’s lab technician is the victim of a mugging. If you love cozy culinary mysteries, amateur detective stories, international mysteries with French flair, or anything wine-related, this made-for-TV series offers armchair travel at its best with gentle mysteries.

“Light and enjoyable… If you feel like taking an armchair tour of France, this series hits just the right spot.” —Mystery Scene Magazine

“Masterful.” —Star Tribune

“Beautifully done.” —Bookloons

“Decadent, delicious, and delightful, The Winemaker Detective series blends an immersion in French countryside, winemaking and gourmet attitude with mystery and intrigue.” —Wine Industry Network Advisor

“A fun and informative take on the cozy crime mystery, French style.” —Eurocrime

“It is easy to see why this series has a following. The descriptive language is captivating... crackling, interesting dialogue and persona.” —ForeWord Reviews

“The authors of the Winemaker Detective series hit that mark each and every time.” —Student of Opinions

“Francophiles, history buffs, mystery fans, oenophiles will want to add the entire series to their reading shelf.” —The Discerning Reader

“Intrigue and plenty of good eating and drinking... will whet appetites of fans of both Iron Chef and Murder, She Wrote.” —Booklist

“One of my favorite series to turn to when I’m looking for something cozy and fun!” —Back to Books

“Wine lovers and book lovers, for a perfect break in the shadows of your garden or under the sun on the beach, get a glass of wine, and enjoy this cozy mystery. Even your gray cells will enjoy!” —Library Cat

“Recommended for those who like the journey, with good food and wine, as much as the destination.” —Writing About Books

“The reader is given a fascinating look into the goings on in the place the story is set and at the people who live there, not to mention all the wonderful food and drinks.” —The Book Girl’s Book Blog

“A quick, entertaining read. It reminds me a bit of a good old English Murder Mystery such as anything by Agatha Christie.” —New Paper Adventures

“I love good mysteries. I love good wine. So imagine my joy at finding a great mystery about wine, and winemaking, and the whole culture of that fascinating world.” —William Martin, New York Times bestselling author

“It is best consumed slightly chilled, and never alone. You will be intrigued by its mystery, and surprised by its finish, and it will stay with you for a very long time.” —Peter May


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