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Bayou My Love

Escape to the beautiful bayous of Louisiana in this tale of romance, secrets and suspense from Family Circle Award Winning Author Lauren Faulkenberry.

Thirty-year-old Enza Parker is at a crossroads. To prove to her overbearing father she can flip a house on her own, she takes on an ambitious project that brings back painful memories—and puts her in the path of the most alluring man she's ever met.

Enza plans to flip the house she inherited from her estranged grandmother in Bayou Sabine, Louisiana. As a child, she spent summers there until the day her mother inexplicably left. Since then, Enza hasn't let anyone get close to her.

Arriving in Bayou Sabine, Enza finds her house occupied by bedeviling firefighter Jack Mayronne. Enza wants to kick him out, but Jack convinces her to let him stay in exchange for helping with repairs. With only six weeks to fix the house and sell, she's determined to prove her father wrong, but she didn't count on Bayou Sabine and Jack capturing her heart.

When Enza's fling with Jack intensifies, she finds herself entangled with a vengeful arsonist from Jack's past. As she reaches her breaking point, she must decide: Should she sell the house and leave her past in Bayou Sabine behind for good, or can she overcome her fears and build a new life there with Jack?

If you like the heart and story of novels by Emily Giffin such as The One & Only and enjoy the romance in books by Robyn Carr, this exciting new voice in Southern fiction is for you!

Author Interview

What was your inspiration for the Bayou Sabine series?
It started with a dare. In grad school, I wrote a short story and dodged a love scene (and was teased mercilessly). I was writing with a more literary bent so my friend dared me to get out of my comfort zone and write a romance story, saying it would help my other writing. The more I wrote, the more fun I had, and it turned into Bayou My Love. I fell in love with the characters and didn't want Enza's and Jack's stories to end. So I knew it had to be a series.

What do you hope readers will get out of your books?
I see mystery, humor, drama, and romance in some combination every day, and those elements are woven into my books. But in the end, I just want readers to enjoy being a part of the world I create. I hope they enjoy the characters and their stories as much as I do.

How does the mystical and fiery setting of the Louisiana bayous play into your books?
Louisiana has an undeniable fire to it—the Bayou heat. It's mysterious and fascinates me because of its history and blend of cultures, its resilience, its passion for the arts, the connections people have to their histories and the land. There's beauty, mystery, and heartache, just like in every good story—it was the natural setting for Enza's story because she embodies those elements herself, even if she doesn't realize it until she's there.

In what order should I read the books?
Each book can stand alone, but I recommend:
- Bayou My Love, to get straight to Enza and Jack's story
- Back to Bayou Sabine, for a glimpse of how it all started
- Bayou, Whispers from the Past, to see where Enza and Jack's story goes next
- Beneath Our Skin, free when you join my mailing list:

What are your favorite genres to read?
Women's fiction, literary fiction, and paranormal romance. I respond to certain things in each genre, whether it's wit, an unforgettable love scene, or the zing of a top-notch metaphor. Ultimately, the books I love best have characters that thrill and haunt me—and bring me delight.

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