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Game of survival

A broken cable, a useless speaker, darkness. Five frightened people huddled in a crippled elevator about to take its final plunge. And the old games are played out.

A novel of shattering human revelation. It hurls five strangers - an aggressive businessman, a neurotic housewife, a pro-football star, and an alcoholic professor - into a sudden, terrifying intimacy, as they are forced to come to terms with painful truths that can save or destroy them all.

Important places

Algonquin Hotel (4)
Doylestown (9)
New York (7,399)


New York (8,072)
Bucks (37)


Pennsylvania (4,458)
New York (9,763)


United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Piedmont (USA) (1,063)
North Atlantic Ocean (8,812)