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Summer In The City State: Ceuta To Tangier Through Fortress Europe

'Summer In The City State' takes us on a stirring trip from the little known Spanish city state of Ceuta in North Africa, on through the barbed wire European borders on African soil, and into the iconic Rif cities of Northern Morocco. Recounted through vividly told vignettes and a series of affecting photography, Eamonn's quirky, lucid and sometimes dark journey takes place in the shadows of Europe's refugee crisis. This nonfiction travel novella gives insight into the historic, yet still obscure, European city state of Ceuta, roadtripping from Tetouan to atmospheric Chefchaouen, and getting to grips with a fiery, on-edge Tangier.

"Rich detail clear eyed jewel tone poetry. A political coming-of-age. If Rimbaud were in the 21st century, he would travel with Eamonn Sheehy” - Susan MaierMoul

Important places

Tangiers (69)


Tanger - Tétouan (72)


Morocco (398)

Other geographical areas

Er Rif (87)
Atlas Mountains (233)
Northern Africa (2,841)
Africa (5,755)