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Learning How to Lose, in Six Easy Steps. Step One: Tetris / Step Two: Fun and Games

It’s not that Ryuu’s a bad loser – he just wants things to be in order. And in the natural order of the universe, he should not be losing to dorks.

Losing is a thing Japanese pop star Ryuu Shiwasuda does not do – certainly not gracefully. Image is everything to hot-headed Ryuu. Sure, his macho bluster is only a cover for shyness and social awkwardness, but he takes it (and himself) very seriously.

So when gratingly cheerful punster Hiro Takahashi delivers the ultimate insult of letting Ryuu win at a video game, Ryuu is cut to the quick, and vows swift vengeance. Can’t be too hard to beat a dork like Hiro, right?

Wrong. As Ryuu chases after his elusive victory, he’s forced to add more and more items to the list of “things to beat Hiro at” – and is shocked to find that Hiro’s quirky charm is sparking never-before felt desires in him.

Ryuu’s life and career have no place for a male lover. But he’s already in too deep. Can he risk going all in? And what does he stand to lose if he doesn’t?

Length of Volume I: 55,000 words

Six easy steps. Three volumes.

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Volume I:
Step One: Tetris
Step Two: Fun and Games

Volume II:
Step Three: Innocence
Step Four: Perspective

Volume III:
Step Five: Love
Step Six: All the Rest

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Japan (2,219)