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Kona Winds

Julie Lancaster thinks her new job is perfect. She has a gracious employer, a charming teenager to teach, and life in the splendid beauty of Hawaii. But when Ruel Chandler comes on the scene, things begin to change. Her pupil’s brother and head of the household, Ruel is aloof, indifferent, and bored with women. Yet Ruel stirs the flame in her heart and she is drawn to him uncontrollably.

Can Julie resist, or will she lose everything—her new job, her new home . . . and even herself?

Important places

Boston (1,284)
Oahu (65)


Honolulu (245)
Suffolk (1,359)


Hawaii (779)
Massachusetts (3,085)


United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Oʻahu (245)
Polynesia (2,166)
New England (5,830)