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Pratima's Forbidden Book

"Talk about irony!" Pratima exclaims. "Here we are, a small group of people with no military training, planning to make a last stand." Pratima looks towards the forest and pauses. "It is strange how events have led us to this place."

Defending a Bridge

Pratima has been trained as a scholar. She has been thrown together with William, the young library worker, to act in defense of the kingdom against strange weapons in the hands of dangerous people. Her choices will make or break a nation. Future India without technology is a wonderous land.

What readers are saying

"Well-written and loaded with interesting characters, it's no wonder that I was addicted to this one from the first page to the last." -Lindsey

"Pratima's Forbidden Book is such an exhilarating read! It will draw you in instantly and demand your attention until the end." -Chel

A fast paced adventure tale, Pratima's Forbidden Book will take you on an emotional ride.

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