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Secondhand Memories

Originally serialized online in 2008 with a readership of over 60,000, Secondhand Memories pioneered the Japanese cell phone novel phenomenon in the English-speaking world, marking a moment in history and re-envisioning technology, youth culture, community and literature. The unique fusion of simple haiku-like poetic technique and prose narrative together forms a coming-of-age journey about Seiji and Aoi: high school sweethearts, who are separated by a tragic chasm of frozen time. As the rest of the world moves on, Seiji discovers that life is more complicated than he thought - and that the heart and mind is quite vulnerable to change. The novel contemplates the meaning of growing up, love, loss and sacrifice.

Important places

Kyoto-shi (90)
Osaka-shi (30)


Kyoto (93)
Osaka (35)


Japan (2,219)

Other geographical areas

Honshü (922)
Eastern Asia (2,196)