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Capital yarns

Capital Yarns is an experiment in storytelling, in which I challenge readers to nominate three items over social media, and in turn, I weave these items into a short fictional story set in Canberra, Australia. The three items featuring in this yarn are emphasised so you can spot them throughout. This story resulted from a request to feature the old Cosmopolitan Twin Cinemas (previously located in the Woden area of Canberra) + Batemans Bay (a small coastal town near Canberra) + my old primary school, named Urambi (now sadly no more). This yarn is a dark, adults only tale of how powerful a force karma can be. Two strangers literally bump into each other on a bus, inadvertent contact that will change both their lives forever...with a little help from a dark creature watching them, feeding on feelings of guilt and selfishness.

Important places

Canberra (129)


Australian Capital Territory (162)


Australia (6,814)

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Great Dividing Range (Australia) (77)
Australia And New Zealand (4,260)
Oceania (8,442)