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The Golden Catch: A Thriller

"The master of assassin novels, Vince Flynn, now has serious competition." - Librarian review

"If you like Clive Cussler, Matthew Reilly or Daniel Silva you will like this book, it had me gripped from page one and the ending is truly exciting."

“Well-written, and there is much in it of history, adventure, and suspense.” - The Writer’s Edge

Frank Murdoch lives on a remote private island in Alaska, drawn there by its peace and isolation. There he finds a secret, unearthed from a cave sealed for seven decades. His historical research attracts Abby Sinclair, a lovely archaeologist. But it also catches the attention of Mok Don, chaebol leader and Korean Mafia kingpin. Frank Murdoch-crab fisherman and ex-CIA assassin-is back on his island with Abby, but Mok Don is closing in. Now the island's peace and quiet is threatened by the clash of one man's greed and another's love.

An ex-CIA assassin who seeks redemption.
A beautiful archaeologist.
A treasure hoard on a remote Alaskan island.
A Korean billionaire who unleashes his ruthless killers to get what he wants.
Can a Bering Sea crab fisherman use survival skills from his past to save his friends and son?

"Prepare for a wild and wooly ride. You will encounter not only the sea’s deadliest wave, but also adventure, suspense, murder, treasure, and romance. This is the type of story where you forget to breathe. Cussler, Grisham, Clancy, and Ludlum have attracted enormous readerships to the mystery/adventure genre. I’ve read most of their books—The Golden Catch compares favorably with any of them. .. Tie yourself down ‘cause you’re in for a heck of a ride.” Jeff Tickson, Alive Communications

“Provocative and intriguing” L. Fox

“The details of history, culture, and treasure are quite interesting, and make for a fascinating backdrop to this action-adventure.” Livia Montana

“Exotic setting, fast pacing, coherent plot, and a strong protagonist.” P. Palmer

For anyone who can’t get enough of Ludlum, Cussler, or Morrell, THE GOLDEN CATCH is your next thrill ride!

336 pages

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Dutch Harbor (4)


Aleutians West (9)


Seoul (66)
Alaska (1,096)


Republic of Korea (343)
United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Bering Sea (39)
Aleutian Islands (88)
Korea (167)
Eastern Asia (2,196)