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Kiwi in the Realm of Ra

Ebook published on November 15, 2012. Book 5 in the Kiwi Series. Inspired by the film 'Back to the Future', Whiskers invents The Time-Squeaking Mouse. He plans to take his friends on a fantastic trip to celebrate Amy's thirteenth birthday. However, the time machine falls into the wrong hands and dastardly Dev travels back to Ancient Egypt when cats were sacred. With Dev having changed the path of history, it's up to Kiwi and the gang to travel back in time to find him. What will Kiwi, Amy, James, Whiskers, Hammy, Misty, Furrball and Siam think of this desert world of tombs, pyramids and sacred gods? "The characters in the story are so engaging that the reader can picture the action as he/she reads the story. If you haven't read the previous Kiwi books, you should. I recommend reading the series beginning with Kiwi in Cat City, so you get to know all the characters as they are introduced and the adventures they have together. I highly recommend this book for kids of all ages, 9 to 99." - Lady Wings "As a long time fan of the Kiwi series, I found this latest instalment to be perhaps the best so far. With each book, the adventures become more complex and imaginative as new characters are introduced, and old ones become integrated into the Kiwi world. The story is fast paced and entertaining as always. If you like the Kiwi series, this is a must have and if you haven't gotten hooked on the series as of yet, I highly recommend reading it in order. That said, this book reads well on its own and should provoke investigation into the previous works. It is, after all, a book about history." - Ed Drury

Important places

Valley of the Kings (82)
Al Jizah (42)


Al Jizah (46)
Qina (99)


Egypt (2,000)

Other geographical areas

Africa (5,754)
Northern Africa (1,555)
Western Desert (Egypt) (514)
Sahara Desert (1,015)