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Tropical Trauma

From a boy to a man, Mitchell Browner absorbs his fair share of tests! If it wasn't for a lingering avalanche of bad luck, he probably wouldn't possess any at all. However, being blessed with intelligence and determination, he attempts to navigate the treacherous waters, that are his spiraling life. With a dramatic upbringing following him into adulthood, he diligently pursues his aspirations to enter the medical field in Miami's glitzy south Florida community.
While powerful circumstances dictate his life's direction, he never shies away from the overwhelming mental anguish and physical violence that ultimately follows. This resolve to maintain his ambitions runs like a tattered thread within his psyche; threatening to abruptly snap around every corner. All the while inside, he caters to his innate need for someone to fully understand him; perhaps a true love that hovers in front of him like a beautiful daydream.
As his path continues down the deepest trough of the roller coaster, he's driven on pure emotion to untangle himself from the web that his life randomly offered up, before losing his altogether!

Important places

Key West (184)
Miami (303)


Miami-Dade (358)
Monroe (215)


Hawaii (779)
Florida (2,551)


Barbados (146)
United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Polynesia (2,166)
Gulf Coast (USA) (2,573)