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The Mummy Wore Combat Boots

When called to investigate an uncatalogued sarcophagus found in storage at the Royal Ontario Museum, forenic anthropologist Palmer Richardson has his work cut out for him. When the mummy inside turns out to be the mummy of a teenaged boy, Palmer involves Detective Constable Michael Crestwood of the Metropolitan Toronto Police. Their investigation delves into the world of online gaming where losing health points in a skirmish could have serious implications for a player's life in the real world.

Inspired by real-life headlines, THE MUMMY WORE COMBAT BOOTS highlights the growing divide between children who live their lives immersed in a digital culture and the adults tasked with raising them who live in the real world.

Important places

Royal Ontario Museum (16)
University of Toronto (7)
Toronto (928)


Ontario (2,314)


Canada (8,082)

Other geographical areas

Central Lowlands (North America) (1,334)
Central Canada (3,035)