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Blue Molly

Danny Logan is back in action!

Get your copy of the latest adventure from Seattle author M.D. Grayson

Someone wants to buy Sylvia and Mike Lyon's Pioneer Square office building in downtown Seattle and whoever it is won't take "no" for an answer. With their building being vandalized and their tenant's being driven away, the Lyon's do what many Seattleites have done for the past six years when they need help: they hire Logan Private Investigations. The mission: find out who's behind the harassment and make them stop.

Danny Logan, Toni Blair, Doc Kiahtel, and Kenny Hale swing into action and soon find themselves facing off against a brutal drug lord - a man with a brilliantly diabolical plan to take his Seattle Ecstasy business nationwide. He's ruthless, driven, and all too willing to resort to violence to accomplish his goals. But now, he has a problem - a problem named Danny Logan.

Action packed yet humorous, set in Seattle's historical Pioneer Square, Blue Molly is a story that will captivate you from start to finish.

  • 5: The number of installments in the Danny Logan mystery series - with more coming!
  • 280,000: The number of Danny Logan mystery novels downloaded worldwide - and growing daily!
  • 4.4: The worldwide average reader rating for Danny Logan mystery novels - with nearly 1,000 reviews!
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