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Nasty Breaks

Newly revised to resolve formatting and typographical problems. Nothing proves that golf is a killer of a game better than the Lee Ofsted mystery series. With a feisty sleuth who is a pro in the Women's Professional League, authors Charlotte and Aaron Elkins--who have won an Agatha Award together--score with fresh, original whodunits. They give an authentic insider's view of the sport while they break par with witty humor, clever plots, and top-rated suspense. In fact, pro golfer and amateur sleuth Lee Ofsted, now back in her third mystery, knows murder to a tee....

The golf course on bucolic Block Island has only nine holes, its fairways are swaths of meadow open to gusty sea breezes, and the "greens" are just compacted sand. Surprisingly, Lee Ofsted, there to teach golf to the executives of a local salvage company, doesn't mind. The setting is lovely, the rustic inn at which she is staying is charming, and the pay--$1,000 a day--will go a long way toward covering her expenses during her third year on the pro tour. but will it be compensation enough for solving a murder?

After a bizarre, botched kidnapping of his sexy wife, the owner of the salvage company turns up dead on the beach. Lee can't resist doing a little nosing around, and soon discovers that nearly every manager at the company has a motive for murder. Plunging into the case, she asks her boyfriend, Graham Sheldon, a former California cop, for his expert help. Before long, the two of them are involved in a tale of greed and ruthless ambition that stretches back in time almost two hundred years, to the sunken treasure ship Good Hope, which went down in these very waters.

As the pieces of the puzzle come together, Lee has to size up her competition--just as she would in a golf match. Only this time clutching under pressure could be fatal. For Lee Ofsted knows too much for the killer to let her live....

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