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Deception Palm Springs

Deception can be sexual, wonderful, strange, dangerous. A US Marine creates tensions by coming back into his gay father's life in Palm Springs, only to disappear again. Is he for real? Can PI Mark find the man behind the name?

Deception takes many forms, especially when man-sex is involved, as young Palm Springs PIs, Mark and Dan, find out. And not just in their own Leather relationship. Mark is hired to locate a US Marine who comes back into his gay father's life, before disappearing again. Just who is the real Donald Bates and what's his game? From gay Palm Springs mansions to Kansas City leather bars Mark uncovers surprising and wonderful answers. Meanwhile Dan's following a husband who's unfaithful - with a woman or a man? Deception can lead you into sexual, wonderful, strange, and dangerous places.

Important places

Kansas City (140)
Palm Springs (36)


Riverside (75)
Jackson (182)


Missouri (930)
California (7,435)


United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Sonoran Desert (54)
Central Lowlands (North America) (1,334)
Southern California (2,840)