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Midnight in Europe

Paris, 1938. Democratic forces are locked in struggle as the shadow of war edges over Europe. Cristian Ferrar, a handsome Spanish lawyer in Paris, is approached to help a clandestine agency supply weapons to beleaguered Republican forces. He agrees, putting his life on the line. Joining Ferrar in his mission is an unlikely group of allies: idealists and gangsters, arms dealers, aristocrats and spies. From libertine nightclubs in Paris to shady bars by the docks in Gdansk, Furst paints a spell-binding portrait of a continent marching into a nightmare - and the heroes and heroines who fought back.


Paris (3,057)
Barcelona (270)
Madrid (230)


France (7,260)
Spain (1,881)

Other geographical areas

Iberian Peninsula (883)
Ile-de-France (3,166)
Southern Europe (7,123)