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Flight 714

Tintin, Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus are on their way to Sydney, Australia. Through a chance meeting they are invited to travel on board the private jet of billionaire Lazlo Carreidas. But then they fall victim to a plot to kidnap Carreidas and are captured by Tintin's arch enemy Rastapopoulos.

Important places

Jakarta (39)
Lombok (10)
Sydney (738)


New South Wales (1,443)
Nusa Tenggara Barat (11)
Jakarta Raya (42)


Australia (6,814)
Indonesia (484)

Other geographical areas

Lesser Sunda Islands (44)
Java (88)
Greater Sunda Islands (317)
Malay Archipelago (1,007)
South-Eastern Asia (2,613)
Australia And New Zealand (4,260)
Oceania (8,442)