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Winning Over the Wrangler


The only thing Brand Duggan’s outlaw kin ever gave him was an undeserved reputation. Once he’s through breaking horses, he’ll leave Eden Valley. Staying means risk—and heartache. And he has no business falling for a refined English miss like Sybil Bannerman.

The rugged cowboy who rescues her from a stampede is just the kind of man Sybil Bannerman’s editor wants her to write about. Yet she has no idea how big a secret Brand Duggan carries, until her life is threatened. Despite the evidence against him, Sybil can’t walk away—for the man who lassoed her heart is the one she’ll love forever…

Cowboys of Eden Valley: Forging a future in Canada’s west country

Important places

Eden Valley (5)


Alberta (387)


Canada (8,082)

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Rocky Mountains (370)
Canadian Praries (1,770)
Western Canada (2,591)