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Mirela and her Vampire (Blood Betrayal)

A bold move by author T.E. Ridener as she presents Mirela and Her Vampire, a stand-alone romance novel that will be incorporated into the Blood Betrayal series. It is not considered a part of the mini-book collection, but will exist as its own representation of the budding romance between two characters that play key roles in the upcoming sequel.

As the youngest and unfavorable son of a power hungry lunatic, the eternal nineteen year old Brom Cade has found himself in a position he can’t quite get himself out of. He has spent the last five centuries trying to prove himself to a father who will never view him as anything but the reason for his wife’s death, as she died while giving birth to him.

Mirela, a beautiful young woman who just turned eighteen, is the adopted granddaughter of a powerful gypsy chovexani-a witch, who only days before hand found herself in a perilous situation when she was abducted by the crazed hand of the Cade family, Fendrel. After hours of medieval torture and nearing the brink of death, Mirela was rescued by Brom after he had been threatened by her grandmother if she was not returned safely. In order to save her, Brom killed Fendrel- consciously betraying his father.

Embarking on a dangerous journey that could ultimately end with their deaths, Brom struggles with what he is feeling for a human girl who is by all means forbidden to him. Mirela tries to deny the compassion she feels for the vampire, but it’s proving to be difficult. As the days pass and boundaries are pushed, they both begin to ponder the same question. What are they evading more? Certain death or love?

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Blood Betrayal (Book #1)
Blood Revelations (Book #2)

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