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?Tightly crafted, Daybreak takes the reader into the minds of two unique detectives as they try to unravel the motives and culprits behind the murders of goose hunters. Juxtaposed with American styles, the subtle differences in Icelandic hunting and detective work make for a provoking story.? ? Bobby Cole, author of The Dummy Line and Moon Underfoot Several goose hunters are found shot dead in rural Iceland, and detectives Gunnar Mar?uson and Birkir Hinriksson are assigned to the case. Lead after lead goes cold before a mysterious letter arrives at the Reykjavik police department that reads, MY NATURE IS TO KILL. I HUNT MEN AND NEVER LET GO. Gunnar and Birkir set a trap for the one they call ?the Gander.? But the killer sends them on a deadly wild-goose chase, as lives hang in the balance. With the clock running out and the discovery of another body all but guaranteed, the cops must determine what thread connects the victims and if the killings are all part of a twisted game.

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