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Airship Nine

Airship Nine has been described as Exciting, riveting, high altitude suspense by none other than thrill-master Stephen King! Now, author Thomas Block has updated and edited this International bestseller ! Airship Nine is a tale rich in technological detail and vision, full of action, passion and the eerie splendors of the Antarctic. Through their fading radio links connecting them to a dying world devastated by unbridled nuclear war, the men and women of Airship Nine a new-era passenger-and-cargo blimp and for those onboard the Soviet supply ship Primorye, the holocaust has suddenly and completely destroyed their homelands. The black clouds of nuclear winter are spreading rapidly across the globe, and their only hope for survival lay in the white ice fields ahead. A chilling survival manual said the London Sunday Telegram. Block does a solid job said the Kirkus Review. The story is tautly told, said the Pittsburgh Press. An exciting science fiction thriller, and Pure tension in a successful plot, said the German newspapers. A timely, thought provoking, suspense-filled story. It is an exciting book, said the Iowa Bookshelf.


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