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Paperback.Pub Date:2014-01-30 Pages:480 Language: Publisher:Macmillan Childrens Books A love story about opening your heart by Rainbow Rowell. the New York Times bestselling author of Eleanor & Park Cath and Wren are identical twins. and until recently they did absolutely everything together. Now theyre off to university and Wrens decided she doesnt want to be one half of a pair any more - she wants to dance. meet boys. go to parties and let loose. Its not so easy for Cath. Shes horribly shy and has always buried herself in the fan fiction she writes. where she always knows exactly what to say and can write a romance far more intense than anything shes experienced in real life. Without Wren Cath is completely on her own and totally outside her comfort zone. Shes got a surly room-mate with a charming. always-around boyfriend. a fiction-writing professor who thinks fan fiction...

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