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Cursed by a Voodoo Queen, Marc and Cassie Matthews must find a way to reverse the hex before they die. Linked together by black magic tattoo wedding rings, the couple will suffer unbearable agony, and eventually death, when separated. They seek assistance with those who are familiar with the voodoo culture. But they are ultimately alone in their endeavor to remove the spell, for no one would dare cross the powerful Madame Cloutier. Will their Mardi Gras honeymoon become a voodoo nightmare?

Reeling with astonishing twists, L’Inked is a love story that defies death. It is a mystical thriller surging with age-old voodoo religion, mixed with modern-day intrigue, and intensified by sensual scenes and an unpredictable ending.

Read the book before you see Marc and Cassie’s story on the big screen!

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