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In New Mexico Light

Photographer, writer, award-winning filmmaker, and poet Douglas Kent Hall is one of the great documentarians of his generation. His photographs of mainstream and counterculture subjects include rock music icons, bodybuilders and prison inmates, cowboys and countercultural heroes. At centre is his exploration of the modern American West and the heart that beats there -- sometimes violently, often poetically. For over thirty years Hall has photographed and written about New Mexicos unique mix of places and people, a broad representation including ancient sites and Spanish churches, Indian ceremonial dances, portraits of artists and writers, viejos and vagabonds. This book presents 182 black-and-white images accompanied by Hall's insightful essay on the interplay of artistic process with the cultural and natural landscapes of New Mexico. "In New Mexico Light" is a celebration of New Mexicos contradictions and splendour through the photographs and words of a master observer.


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