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Sunset High

Step into the life of Annabel, a teenage vampire with a taste for the blood of emotionally damaged high school students. Every year, her master allows her one special kill, a student whom she takes the time to befriend. Getting close to this year's chosen victim is more challenging than Annabel anticipated though. Will Annabel be able to break through the barriers that separate her from her target?

"How could I have known that everything would go so wrong? If I had some wondrous gift of foresight, would I have even agreed to come to this town? I would like to have thought not."

This serial is appropriate for those sixteen years of age and older.

In what order should I read this series?
Musical Chairs
Under Construction
Blood Lust

Can I buy the entire series in one book?
Yes. You can get the entire collection by picking up Sunset High (The Complete Series).

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