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Nor All Thy Tears: Journey to Big Sky

Canadian writer Gerry Burnie, author of triple-award winning “Two Irish Lads” presents: Love, obsession, male prostitution, murder, and finally solace under the northern lights of Big Prairie Sky, Saskatchewan.

Sheldon Cartwright is a young, exceptionally handsome and gifted politician with a beautiful wife and two charming children. His career is also in ascendance, and given all that the sky seems the only limit to this talented, blue-eyed lad.

However, Cartwright also has a hidden past that one day bursts onto the front page of a tabloid newspaper with the publication of his nude photograph. Moreover, the accompanying story alleges that he was once a high-end male prostitute with a romantic connection to an ex-con. To make matters worse, this ex-con’s body has been found mutilated beyond recognition in a burned-out apartment—the suspected victim of a blackmail attempt gone wrong.

Enter a homophobic cop who is willing to go to any lengths to tie Cartwright into the crime, simply because he is young, handsome and well-educated. With his career in a crisis, and his personal life as well, Cartwright is unexpectedly joined by an ally in Colin Scrubbs, a ruggedly handsome rancher from Saskatchewan. But can they salvage Cartwright’s career from the brink?


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