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My Reluctant Vampire Bride (A Fae Darkly)

Amelia Greystone is a Darkling. A human/ fae half-breed. She is also to be the next Nakanympth Queen in the Frost Court. She can't handle the pressure, so she flees to the human world and into the arms of Vampire Lord, Claude Pierson. She takes on the guise of a human clerk at a grocery store to appear normal, but her mother is hot on her tail to bring her back home. But, when other beings take notice of the half-blood, there is only one man that can save her.

Claude Pierson has seen years of heartache, and wishes to find a life mate and he seems to find a suitable one in Amelia. Once he finds out her true heritage, he wants ever more to protect her. Will he be able to protect her and bring peace to both of their troubled souls? Will he be able to convince her to be his Vampire Bride?

Image Courtesy of Pegasus

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