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Finish Forty and Home: The Untold World War II Story of B-24s in the Pacific (Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Series)

During the early years of World War II in the Pacific theatre, against overwhelming odds, young American airmen flew the longest and most perilous bombing missions of the war. They faced determined Japanese fighters without fighter escort, relentless anti-aircraft fire with no deviations from target, and thousands of miles of over-water flying with no alternative landing sites. Finish Forty and Home is the true story of the men and missions of the 11th Bombardment Group as it fought alone and unheralded in the South Central Pacific, while America had its eyes on the war in Europe. After bombing Nauru, the squadron moves on to bomb Wake Island, Tarawa, and finally Iwo Jima. These missions bring American forces closer and closer to the Japanese home islands and precede the critical American invasions of Tarawa and Iwo Jima. The 42nd Squadron’s losses through 1943 were staggering: 50 out of 110 airmen killed. “Finish Forty and Home is a treasure: poignant, thrilling, and illuminating.”—Laura Hillenbrand, best-selling author of Unbroken and Seabiscuit

Important places

Truk International Airport (3)
Oahu (65)


Honolulu (245)


Hawaii (779)


Northern Mariana Islands (22)
United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Ryükyü Isands (74)
Philippine Sea (85)
Micronesia (111)
Oʻahu (245)
Polynesia (2,166)
North Pacific Ocean (5,393)