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Temples of Cambodia: The Heart of Angkor

HardCover. Pages: 240 Publisher: River Books The temples of Cambodia are among the most complex and imposing architectural creations in the world. offering nothing less than the embodiment of Khmer culture. Over a period of five hundred years successive rulers sought to build sacred spaces that bore witness to the presence of the gods and the legitimacy of the kings. Organised chronologically. this book opens with the modestly scaled ick structures of the seventh and eighth centuries and goes on to explore the first monumental temple mountains of the ninth century. Also examined are the technical advances enabling the fulfillment of a unique Khmer architectural vision in the tenth century. and the erection of the ambitious Baphuon temple mountain in the eleventh. All this sets the stage for the apogee of the Khmer empire in the twelfth century. and with it. the construction ...

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