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Johannesburg Transition: Architecture & Society 1950-2000

"Johannesburg Transition - Architecture and Society 1950-2000", is a follow-on to architect, Clive Chipkin's first, highly successful and now out-of-print book, "Johannesburg Style - Architecture and Society 1880s-1960s"."Johannesburg Transition" closely examines the built environment of southern Africa's economic hub - during the time when the racist ideology reigned, and in its aftermath from 1994. The book is a comprehensive study that neatly combines facts and figures with highly informed commentary and an abundance of carefully selected photographs and illustrations. The author brings his intellect to bear on the usually impenetrable workings of architects, planners and engineers to unravel a complex tale in a style that is both lively and engrossing.

Important places

Johannesburg (94)


Gauteng (120)


South Africa (959)

Other geographical areas

Witwatersrand (26)
Southern Africa (1,074)
Africa (5,755)