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Revolution 2020

After a series of four blockbuster novels, Chetan Bhagat, a hailed Indian novelist has come up with his fifth novel Revolution 2020(Hindi). This novel takes the readers to an expedition into the lives of three youngsters living in Varanasi, a historic city of India and the gripping events they weave together. The theme of this novel is captioned as Love, Corruption and Ambition. Taking simple characters, Bhagat has succeeded in hooking the readers by getting them an aura of the familiar events of youth life. Gopal, Aarti and Raghav have different ambitions. in the process, Gopal fails and Raghav wins to create careers of their choice. But it would have been guarded, if Gopal hadn't had an added loss of his love, Aarti gets close to Raghav. Gopal, having lost his love, Aarti and career, realizes the dire need of holding onto corruption in order to get his dreams turn into reality. Parallel to that, a series of events weakened the threads between Raghav and Aarti, getting her back to Gopal. It remains a subject of acute suspense for the readers to figure out what might be the next piece of action in the story coming ahead, which makes Revolution 2020(Hindi) a good read full of thrill, vigor, power, sacrifice, struggle and mockery at the political system. The fourth book from the applauded author Chetan Bhagat, Revolution 2020 also enjoys the place of a much celebrated novel. The book was published by Rupa Publications on 1 May 2013, in paperback

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Varanasi (27)


Uttar Pradesh (99)


India (1,945)