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Guardian Cats and the Lost Books of Alexandria

Warriors of a different kind, these cats live in libraries and bookstores, guarding ancient mystical treasures. The job allows plenty of reading time for these literary felines, but requires vigilance, dedication and a pure heart to prevent these books of power from falling into the wrong hands. The Guardian Cats lineage is centuries old, dating back to the burning of the Library of Alexandria. Each Guardian must pass his job on to an honorable successor, not an easy task. Just as men sometimes allow evil to overtake them, there are cats who abuse their power. This is the story of two cats, one elder Guardian, painfully aware his days are numbered-- troubled he’s not found a worthy heir. And Marco, an intrepid young house cat out on his own for the first time, who finds refuge in the public library. "... an amazing story that is part fable, part magic, part history, and all-absorbing." Frederick Fuller, Author of 'Children of Bast'. Perfect for cat lovers of all ages.

Important places

Alexandria (266)


Al Iskandariyah (266)


Egypt (2,000)