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Film student Micah Malone learns the hard way that when life sucks, you can't just yell "Cut! Let's do another take!"

His grades are a box-office bomb. His friends create more drama than a soap opera. And his love life needs a laughtrack. While there's no script to dictate what happens next, can Micah find the direction he needs? Life, after all, is no film school project. But it /is/ great source material. The /only/ source material.

Let the cameras roll. Micah's quirky story has begun filming.

Important places

Newport (3)
Seattle (804)
Vancouver (298)


Lincoln (5)
King (831)


British Columbia (903)
Washington (1,134)
Oregon (944)


Canada (8,082)
United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Coast Mountains (North America) (30)
Western Canada (2,591)
West Coast (USA) (5,046)
North Pacific Ocean (5,393)