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Duty Calls: Dunkirk

Paperback. Pub Date: 2011 Pages: 352 Publisher: Puffin You wanted to see some action - well you're going to get it now You're going to get it now all right 'It's Friday 24th May 1940 Private Johnny Hawke. aged sixteen. awakens to artillery fire. Hours later. Stukas scream down from the sky. Messerschmit fighters roar towards his regiment. Trucks burst into flames. Now men and mules lay dead and dying. severed limbs twisted grotesquely as blood soaks the cobbled streets. Young Private Hawke just wants to do his duty and serve his country. But as he - and his fellow soldiers - prepare to stop the German advance. there's only one question on everyone's lips. How will they survive

Important places

Dunkirk (63)


Nord (100)


France (7,260)

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Hauts-de-France (360)