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Into the heart of Borneo

‘We’ve left a lot of men in Borneo – know what I mean?’ With their SAS trainer’s warnings ringing in their ears, the naturalist, Redmond O’Hanlon, and the poet, James Fenton, set out to rediscover the lost rhinoceros of Borneo. They were loaded with enough back-breaking kit to survive two months in a steaming 95° (in the shade) jungle of creeping, crawling, biting things. O’Hanlon could also rely on his encyclopaedic knowledge of the region’s flora and fauna, and had read-up on how to avoid being eaten by anything (stick your thumbs in a crocodile’s eyes, if you have time). And yet they proceeded to have an adventure that neither O’Hanlon, nor his friend, nor even his guides were remotely prepared for…

‘Consistently exciting, often funny, and erudite without ever being overwhelming’ Punch.

Important places

Kalimantan (8)
Batu (1)
Rajang (1)


Kalimantan Barat (9)
Sarawak (3)
Jawa Timur (9)


Brunei Darussalam (33)
Indonesia (484)
Malaysia (210)

Other geographical areas

South-Eastern Asia (1,116)
Java (88)
Borneo (166)
Greater Sunda Islands (316)
Malay Archipelago (335)
South China Sea (55)