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The Secret Diary of a Princess

'Melanie Clegg writes with a refreshing, unpretentious style and an eye to detail that shows her familiarity and expertise with the subject material and giving us a glimpse into the world of a much-misunderstood woman.'

'A wonderful first offering. Unputdownable – the passion of the author for her subject material is compelling and touching, and makes for an emotional read. It completely drew me in and I read it in one sitting.’

'The story drew me in from the start, with the atmosphere of the Imperial court at Schonbrunn drawn so vividly that I could smell the hot chocolate and violet perfume.'

'What does it feel like to grow up in a royal palace, to be forever aware that so much is expected of you, to be married at 14 years old to a boy prince, potential King of France, whom you've never even met? Melanie Clegg's book answers these questions and so many more by creating in her Marie Antoinette a solid, engaging and entirely believable character.'

'A page turner.'

'It really made me realise that being a Princess was not such a fairy tale...'

The dramatic and often tragic years of Marie Antoinette’s early life, told in her own words. This book for young adult readers follows her privileged childhood and adolescence in the beautiful palaces of Vienna as the youngest and least important of the daughters of the all powerful Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and invites the reader to share the long journey, both emotional and physical that ended with her marriage to the Dauphin Louis of France at Versailles.

This is the unforgettable story of a charming, fun loving and frivolous young girl, destined for greatness, coming to age in one of the most magnificent and opulent courts that the world has ever seen.

Important places

Schloss Schonbrunn (12)
Versailles (22)


Wien (1,217)
Paris (3,057)


France (7,260)
Austria (1,825)

Other geographical areas

Ile-de-France (3,166)