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Coronel and the Falklands

The Battles of Coronel & The Falkland Islands - two major naval engagements of World War I... British pride was dented when Germany sank a British flagship and a cruiser at Coronel on 1 November 1914. For a few weeks it seemed that Britain's command of the seas was in question. But, on 8 December 1914, this defeat was decisively avenged off the Falklands Islands when Britain sank the pride of the German fleet, reasserting her maritime superiority for the rest of the war.

Important places

Concepcion (5)


Falkland Islands (143)
Bío-Bío (5)


Chile (196)
Falkland Islands (143)

Other geographical areas

East Falkland (55)
Falkland Islands (143)
South America (2,214)