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The Grand Alliance

The New York Public Library, in looking back on the greatest books of the past century, called Churchill's history "monumental" and said that the author "drew upon thousands of his own memoranda and documents in British archives, but in the end, this epic is structured on his personal experiences and expresses his courage and astonishing self-confidence."

Important places

Abadan (2)
Addis Ababa (18)
Al Uqaylah (1)
Ajdabiya (1)
Alexandria (266)
Algeciras (7)
Aegean Sea (22)


Cádiz (34)
Ajdabiya (1)
Khuzestan (5)
Al Iskandariyah (266)
Addis Ababa (18)


Ethiopia (235)
Iran (446)
Spain (1,881)
Egypt (2,000)
Albania (91)
Libya (206)