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Saved by Beauty

Saved by Beauty When Roger Housden decided to travel to Iran and finally see the subject of his youthful fascination, he was in his sixties. By then, he thought he had seen the world. He was wrong. It was a quest that changed him forever. In Iran, Housden met with artists, writers, film makers and religious scholars who embody the long Iranian tradition of humanism, and shared with him their belief in scholarship... Full description

Important places

Persepolis (11)
Esfahan (16)
Kermanshah (4)
Mashhad (7)
Neyshabur (3)
Sanandaj (1)
Yazd (1)


Kermanshah (4)
Kordestan (1)
Fars (20)
Yazd (1)
Esfahan (19)
Tehran (74)
Razavi Khorasan (9)


Iran (446)

Other geographical areas

Southern Asia (1,809)