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Bugville Critters Explore the Solar System (Bugville Critters #21)

Bugville Critters Explore the Solar System (Bugville Critters #21) Robert Stanek, the author of more than 75 books for young people and adults, including Journey Beyond the Beyond and The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches, has selected an irresistible combination for this age group--loveable critters and exciting reading adventures. In this story, Buster's imagination takes him on a trip through the solar system on a rocket ship. He sees the earth and moon from space. As he sets off to explore the rest of the solar system, he encounters asteroids and many strange and wonderful sights. The wonderfully-crafted story is paired with energetic illustrations and playful examples that help children discover the world around th...


Antarctica (564)

Other geographical areas

Southern Ocean (2)
Drake Passage (10)