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Rescue in Time (Chasing Time Series, Book 2)

the extension of book 1, Time Conquers All. Parker and Tamea must come to terms with their stormy relationship. Whether it's destiny or not, both must come together on equal terms in this time and place. Behind the scenes, Tamea doesn't know who to trust, because the enemy may be within the Altare family themselves or may be within her own ranks. Is there anyone she can trust besides her trusty tiger, Aspen? At least with her league of familiar animals there is no back stabbing.


West Bengal (149)


Bhutan (64)
China (2,041)
India (1,945)

Other geographical areas

Loess Plateau (103)
Ganges Plain (285)
Himalayas (286)
Plateau Of Tibet (325)
Southern Asia (1,809)
Eastern Asia (2,196)