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History of a Pleasure Seeker

'A sharply written story of love, money and erotic intrigue pulsing behind the staid canal fronts of nineteenth-century Amsterdam' Daisy Goodwin

'The adventures of adolescence had taught Piet Barol that he was extremely attractive to most women and to many men. He was old enough to be pragmatic about this advantage...'

It is 1907. The belle époque is in full swing. Piet Barol has escaped the drabness of the provinces for the grandest mansion in Amsterdam. As tutor to the son of Europe's wealthiest hotelier, he learns the intimate secrets of this glittering family - and changes it forever. With nothing but his exquisite looks and wit to rely on, he is determined to make a fortune of his own. But in the heady exhilaration of this new world, amid delights and temptations he has only dreamed of, Piet discovers that some of the liaisons he has cultivated are dangerous indeed.

Important places

Amsterdam (468)
Cape Town (127)
New York (7,391)


New York (8,072)


Noord-Holland (507)
New York (9,763)
Western Cape (147)


South Africa (959)
Netherlands (1,293)
United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Southern Africa (1,074)
Benelux (1,495)
Africa (5,755)
North Atlantic Ocean (8,812)