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Sweet Carolina Girls

Sweet Carolina Girls was one of the first three novels published together on a daring weekend in 2010. Thinking no one would ever read them, R. E. Bradshaw threw caution to the wind. Luckily, someone did and encouraged the author to find an editor and keep writing. Sweet Carolina Girls has now been copy edited, but the story is substantially the same. If you waded through the first error filled edition, then you’ll not find anything new here. Bradshaw says of Sweet Carolina Girls, "I simply felt I owed it to the readers that made it possible for me to become a full-time author. Harper and Lauren are the youngest characters I have written about to date, and my ode to falling into the fire of a first passionate adult love affair."
Harper Lee Lynch, only 23 years old and a doctoral candidate, finds herself in North Carolina with only her Golden Retriever, Jasper, to keep her company. Shortly after moving into her new home, Harper stops at the Tarr Bar, a local eatery. That moment changes her life forever. Follow Harper Lee Lynch’s journey, making new friends and finding the happiness for which she has yearned, since the tragedy that launched her on this path. Fall in love with this group of ten women, as they laugh, cry and fight their way through emotional roller-coasters, set in motion by Harper's arrival.
This mixture of gay and straight women in a variety of sizes, shapes. and colors, makes for an interesting dynamic and an endless supply of storylines. The characters range, in ages, from 23 to 69 and are the kind of friends you hope you have when push comes to shove. Harper finds out just what kind of friends she's found, when she gets pushed into a relationship by the forces of nature, neither she nor the beautiful Lauren can stop.


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