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It is only months before a new millennia and Deirdra, after nearly four years away from La Maison de Chantonnay, makes her way home. The nightmares of the past have taken their toll on her weary mind. As she anxiously awaits the reunion with her immortal family she finds herself plagued by a mysterious being who seems set on guiding her unlife in his chosen direction. With characteristic stubbornness, Deirdra ignores this entity's wisdom. Spiralling into a web of alienated self-destruction, her path leads her into the arms of the enemy she had forever sworn to despise. Broken and lost she discovers old gods born anew, wearing away at her humanity, leaving her vulnerable to the evil of her demon within.

Important places

Boston (1,282)
Montreal (300)


Suffolk (1,359)


Dublin (403)
Qu├ębec (555)
Massachusetts (3,085)


Canada (8,082)
Ireland (2,156)
United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Canadian Shield (805)
Ireland (Island of) (2,384)
New England (5,830)